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I read a lot of articles during the week to stay on top of the industry. If you don’t have time to look at them all you can just pop in and see if any of these look valuable to you:

The ELearning Blog is a great resource for anyone designing or building elearning courses. I liked this post in particular because it called out something I’ve suspected for a while (and we all like validation, don’t we?). I think my favorite point he makes is that we really probably shouldn’t be hiring someone that doesn’t recognize a play button. Thank you! These are the same buttons we had on our boom boxes (I’m SO old!) and VCRs.

This is an interesting article that examines succession planning. I think the alternative of having a mature team ready for a budding CEO rather than an immature, unproductive team that needs "fixing" is a more realistic, and ultimately successful, option for executive succession.

Diversity Executive magazine examines women in leadership position. I agree with them that it isn’t just about putting a woman in a leadership seat but about re-examining how leadership operates. It is about behaving differently not just a diversity issue. Leadership development programs often are about providing the same behaviors and values to everyone rather than looking at what different people can bring to leadership.

Traditional performance reviews don’t accomplish their objectives. Time to stop the patronizing, punishing, demoralizing process and make performance a DAILY discussion. It isn’t always about the person but more frequently about the tools, resources, and processes. It is leadership’s job to make sure none of these prevent top performance.

Laurie - Fifteen years in high tech training organizations means trial by fire for most of her career! For her Master's in post-secondary adult continuing education Laurie's research was in blogging and learning so trainersblog is an important educational tool to her and she wants this to be where trainers and OD professionals find resources and contribute to the body of knowledge.

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